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About Lizzy

Lizzy is a editorial and advertising photo stylist with a focus on product and fashion photography and video.  She loves to travel, photo styling across the USA and in Europe. She is an award-winning graduate from Sheridan College. Her education combined with ten years of experience as both an on staff photo stylist and as a freelancer, has given her the knowledge and understanding to show products with a current fashion forward feel. Lizzy's favorite part about photo styling is the challenge of the work, building color story's and textures and playing with peoples imaginations. She love's when people look at her photos and it takes them somewhere, but in reality that place doesn't even exist.

Behind the scenes of Lizzy styling for Tomra, the making of a logo out of food.

Behind the scenes of Lizzy styling for Tomra, the making of a logo out of recycled materials.

"So what is it exactly that you do?” Everything I do is for the camera. "But how exactly did the photo get that way?"  As a photo stylist I have a creative position, collaborating with the client, photographer, art director and makeup artist to come up with the visual concept of the project. It’s my job to make the product, the people, clothing and accessories look their very best in the shot.  Here is a breakdown of what I do as photo stylist at different types of photo shoots:

Prop stylist: Much of the magic happens prior to the shoot day, when I gather the items needed for a photo shoot.  This can mean renting and purchasing plates, glasses, napkins, décor items, and even large furniture or plants for a room shoot.  I have to have a strong understanding of each shot’s concept in order to be able to gather all the right elements ahead of time, for instance our shot of Burton snow boots that floated on a cloud, requiring dry ice. Or my Ben & Jerry's shot of an earth globe made of melting ice cream. Much of my work happens when looking at the photos on the screen, running back and forth from the screen to the product to adjust and change. One of my favorite things to do is to use a company's products to make an innovative logo design.

Tabletop stylist:  I arrange the featured product, shined and polished, and whatever it takes to make the item look attractive, whether it be jewelry, vases, flowers, exotic plants, flatware or Christmas décor.  I style plated food for restaurant ads, as well as prepared foods such as chocolate, cheese, ice cream, coffee, beer and wine.  Prior to the shoot, I rent or purchase props to create an inviting display of the product.   

Fashion stylist: I am in charge of the clothing and accessories for all the models on a photo shoot or video shoot. Prior to the shoot, I gather props, jewelry or accessories needed to complement the featured garments.  On shoot day I steam the garments so they are wrinkle free and drape nicely. I pin clothing items to fit, because models vary in size and shape.  I direct the models in how to pose. When the model’s pose changes, I adjust the garment so it looks its very best. I watch carefully to make sure the clothing moves in a flattering way.