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Echo ecHOO ECHOO!  what wHATT WHATTT? I can’t hear you because of this echo. I  styled at a huge Armory in Pawtucket, Rhode Island that was built in 1985. I was part of a team working on a three-day-long shoot for a new sister company of Swarovski’s called Chamilia. Sound posed a few challenges for the team, both in communicating with crew and talent as well as trying to record sound. But as you can see the space was way too gorgeous to pass up, so we forged ahead. The director Ernie Schenck brought together inspiring women from all over the world who had amazing stories of how you should live without regrets.

Working with photographer Bruce Gibbs of Cabin46 was so much fun. Bruce is an extremely passionate individual. He had a wonderful vision for the visuals, which included finding this amazing space and pre-interviewing the women to feel out which treasured items that connected to their stories they should bring with them--like the Harley Bike. Bruce brought me on to source furniture and props to help fill out his vision for this beautiful shoot. As well as our video team there, was also a photography crew working nearby on a separate set shooting portraits of the women. There was a lot of coordination between the two teams to pull this off. We had a fantastic producer Dorothy Urlich who made sure we were all happy, fed on time, and had every possible thing we could need to be successful.  Now I’m eagerly waiting to see these beautiful videos once the editing is done.